“Probinsiyanong Intsik”

February 24, 2008

Last Friday morning I had to get up at around 12:45 AM because of a reported fire in one of the establishments in the centro of Naga City. It was raining heavily. When I reached the fire scene, it was apparent that the Naga City firemen and the Volunteer Brigades already had the fire under control. There were at least thirty (30) of them coming from the Chin Po Tong Volunteer Fire Brigade, the Naga White Fire Brigade and the local Fire Department. While most of the residents of the city were asleep, these few brave souls put themselves in harms way to save the properties and lives of people they hardly knew.

I personally know almost all of them. Most of them are second generation Filipino-Chinese (like myself) who have chosen this line of work as their civic duty. Some of them have made their own “fortunes”. But at the fire scene, they are all equals simply following the command of their own Fire Marshall. Although we have honored these volunteer groups as Mayoral Awardees, I believe we can not thank them enough. They have not only invested their resources to procure their own equipments but they have also risked their lives and limbs on the many occasions that these were called for. It might have gone unnoticed. But the torch of service had been passed from the first generation to the next.

When Jun Lozada mentioned that he was just an ordinary “probinsiyanong intsik” who wanted to honor the memory of his father, by doing a good turn for our society, I guess he was speaking for most of us. In our way, in our own places, there is that “spirit of a fire brigade volunteer” — wanting to be of service to others and looking for an avenue to honor the memory of those who brought us to where we are now. As I have often told my Chinese friends, I guess we are fortunate not only to have learned from our parents how to manage our own businesses but also learned the importance of taking part in the “people’s business” as well. We have many Jun Lozadas (virtues, warts and all) in many parts of the country. I believe they do love this country as much as others do. They have their own falings as well as saving graces. But like any other Filipino, they will rise up to the occasion when they need to be counted upon.

Jun Lozada has made us proud! 


10 Responses to “Probinsiyanong Intsik”

  1. homar says:

    it is ironic that some of the truly patriotic acts for this country are done by people who are not even considered as “full-blooded” filipinos. the derogatory term “probinsyanong itsik” is now a badge of honor.

  2. Jeff G. says:

    We have an exchange student in the Ateneo by the name of Ayano who seems to have made it her personal task to support the Sumilao Farmer’s cause. It’s very inspiring (and shaming for us Filipino Ateneans) to see how hard she works and how, many times, she’s the lone voice in the desert.

  3. Gaile R, says:

    Aika forwarded a link to your blog, i thought i’d be content reading just one maybe 2 entries but instead found myself reading 10 pages back… very inspiring, and insightful of course. I also forwarded the link to other people. Sad to say many are ignorant if not apathetic of what has been going in the country. Keep it up, oh and i’ve already bookmarked your page.

  4. jcc says:

    Lozada from a different prism:

    Everybody seems to love Lozada but not me. He is a small time crook who who was estranged from his previous team and would like to play in another team. Neri vs. Abalos vs. Joey D. He was not sure which team to play, Abalos, Neri or Joey. The alleged unmoderated greed of Abalos could leave the the Neri group and Joey D group’s profit side marginalized so they started quarelling on what I perceive as “profit-sharing” debacle on the ZTE deal.

    Lozada hid in Hongkong but was ressurected by people who promised him “fortune”. By coming out and blow the lid wide open on the ZTE deal is a powerful weapon to boot out GMAfrom office. He is now playing with an entirely new team, the Joey D team which is now salivating for power.

    The early demise of GMA through the streets makes Lozada an ovenight sensation and even if GMA holds to power unto year 2010, Lozada provides an easy name recall comes elections. Expect him to run for public office soon. He is just following the G. Honasan and E. Trillanes, capers, who incidentally are Bicolanos too.

    Either way, Lozada proves to be a genuine “probinsyanong intsik”, shrewd and calculating.

  5. jcc says:

    actually waiting for moderation is waiting for censorship…..

  6. scott saboy says:

    Marhay na aldaw, Meyor! I worked in Naga City from 2001-2002 and I had seen the difference between bad and good governance in Cam Sur. I know exactly what has given politics such a bad name whether in your province or in my province of Kalinga or elsewhere, and I do know that you belong to a rare breed of honorable politicians. I have seen how the people of Naga regarded you highly. Please know that I am one of those whose lives you’ve greatly inspired.

    Dios Mabalos!

  7. Guillermo Prat says:

    Congrattulations Mayor on your Doctorate from the FEU. As Scott Saboy says, you belong to a rare breed of politicians!.

  8. jcc34 says:

    mr. prat please visit me at my site.


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