I am on my sixth and final term as City Mayor of Naga, was President of the League of Cities of the Philippines, headed the Bicol Regional Development Council for two terms and has been Chairman of the Metro Naga Development Council during the last five terms I have been in office.

Aside from my work as City Mayor, I am involved with the Synergeia Foundation, the Galing Pook Foundation and the Ateneo De Manila School of Government in promoting better governance not only in local government units but also in other government institutions as well.

I have been an advocate of local autonomy and I deeply believe that our people can be better served if resources and authority are devolved to local government units. Of course, this should be  hand in hand with exacting a system transparency and accountability on our local officials. While it may seem that the “islands of good governance” are few at the moment, they have demonstrated that the quality of service delivery is far more superior when it is handled by  local authorities.


9 Responses to About

  1. edicio says:

    Hi Jesse. Welcome to the blogsphere. Am glad you decided to blog, so that more can get to know you and your inspiring work. Got to know of your blog through Willy’s blog. Am putting you on my blogroll.

  2. homar says:

    mayor jess, i am one of your constituents. i do not even feel worthy to comment on your blog. i consider you as one of the great filipinos. your life is worth emulating but your footsteps are hard to follow. the naguenos are truly indebted to you. you have put naga to the global perspective. you are bigger than life. as a fellow nagueno and blogger, i welcome you to the blogosphere.

  3. jesserobredo says:

    ed: thanks.

    homar: i guess i am just fortunate that the naguenos are a “different lot”. they have given me the opportunity to serve in a “different way”.

  4. Ernie says:

    To me, NAGA has become “small” for you. You’re an exceptional non-traditional Politician who could lead our Nation. May you consider running for National Office – the Senate, or better yet, the Presidency. I commend your encouragement for “Civil Society” and for the Youth to actively participate in your crusade for Good Governance through Transparency & i-Governance. Congratulations!

  5. […] Other government officials who blog include Davao City Council Peter Lavina, Naga City Mayor Jess Robredo, and recently I just saw Baguio City Mayor Peter Rey Bautista (he uses Multiply, which is also a […]

  6. Peter says:

    Mayor Jesse count me in in the Kaya Natin! Movement

  7. bicolknown says:

    mayor jess.. marhay na banggi po saimu..may mga bagay kmi gusto ipaabot saimu.
    Enot, nauugma kmi sa saimu palakaw dgdi sa Naga..mati mi ang pagAsensO ka ini ciudad sa paagi kng saimu magayon na liderato.salamat na maray sa saimu tiyaga asin pagkamoot baku lang sa Naga pati sa bilog na kabikolan.

    Pangduwa, ika ang gusto kang mga kaJovenan arog mi ta nakikiUso ka samuya arog na sana kang BLOG na ini kung sain naiintidinhan asin nakukua mo ang samuya mga namamatian asin naiisip

    pangtulo, gusto ko man sana kuanun ang oppurtunidad na ini na imbitarar mi ika bisitahon ang samuyang website. at http://www.bicolknown.com

    http://www.bicolknown.com is a new established Travel and Promotion organization which main goal is to contribute to the development of Bicol as a major tourist destination in the country. This Travel organization has been formed out of the enthusiasm of seven young individuals who believe that a vast of opportunity is waiting for Bicolanos if its tourism would be enhanced and promoted in its full capacity.
    Mayor, halatON mi po ang saimo pagbisita sa samuyang website.

    dios mabalos saimu po
    and more power


  8. chandrashekar says:

    Resected Sir
    I feel priviliged to have spent two three hours in Korea in 2002 when you came for Seoul National University Function. Now I am a Politican in India in Bangalore. I am happy to know you and will be great to have your Email

    International Peace, Potitical and Social Activist

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